What Is Medication Therapy?

What Is Medication Therapy?

Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder leave your thoughts, moods, and even actions out of balance, difficult, and disturbed. Medication therapy gives your mind and body needed support. Medication therapy might be what you need to provide balance, calm, focus, and the time and space you need to heal.

Dr. Ronald P. Winfield and his team of psychiatric and mental health specialists offer medication therapy and medication management for a variety of conditions. Visit Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC, at our North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, location for the medication therapy treatment you need.

If you’re interested in learning more about this type of mental health treatment, here’s the information you need about the benefits of medication therapy, and how you can get started with your medication management plan.

The benefits of medication therapy

Many mental health conditions stem from identifiable imbalances or deficiencies, often related to chemical activity in your brain. If your brain isn’t producing enough of the chemicals that balance your mood or give you happiness, depression or mood swings may result.

Specific medications, such as antidepressants, antianxiety drugs, and antipsychotics, target different kinds of issues and imbalances in your mind and body. Some medications encourage the production of more chemicals in your brain, while others inhibit types of brain activity that correlate with mental health symptoms.

Medication therapy with the right medication or medications can give you symptom relief, reopening your horizons by removing the burdensome pressure of your mental health condition.

When you need medication for mental health

Conditions that can benefit from medication therapy include:

Often, your medication therapy dovetails with talk therapy, counseling, and even lifestyle changes, helping you feel better in every part of your life.

Some conditions, like bipolar disorder, are likely to need long-term medication therapy. You may also benefit from using medication for a shorter time period. But, always consult with your provider at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC, before you make any changes in your medication routine!

Many medications need to be tapered off, and changing your medication could disturb your mental health and wellness.

Your medication therapy plan

Getting the right medication, combination of medications, and dosage for you is a complex process that requires expert supervision. Your provider at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC, reviews your symptoms, recommending a place to start with medication therapy. 

Adjustments may need to be made as you work with your provider to determine the best ongoing treatment plan for you. You may also benefit from a Millennium PGT pharmacogenetic test to learn more about how specific medications are likely to affect you individually.

With expert ongoing management, supervision, and support, medication therapy can have a transformative effect on your life and mental health. To find out if you’re a good candidate for medication therapy, consult with Dr. Winfield and the team at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC today.

Schedule your initial consultation appointment online or over the phone now.

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