Could You Have PTSD and Not Know It?

Could You Have PTSD and Not Know It?

The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be complex and unexpected. You could experience symptoms of PTSD months or even years after a traumatic event or experience. If you’re experiencing sleeplessness, chronic anxiety, or hopelessness, you could be dealing with PTSD.

The psychiatric and mental health specialists at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC, of North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, can diagnose and treat your PTSD symptoms, restoring your peace of mind and positive sense of the future. Led by Dr. Ronald P. Winfield, we offer holistic and integrative support for new and existing patients with PTSD.

PTSD could sneak up on you without you realizing the trauma-related cause of your emotional or mental health disturbances. Here’s what Dr. Winfield wants you to understand about PTSD.

Causes of PTSD

PTSD was first identified in military veterans, and was originally known as “shell shock.” Today, we understand that a variety of experiences of trauma can leave you with PTSD.

You could experience PTSD if you were a victim of a violent physical assault, or if you witnessed violent scenes or acts. Sexual assault and domestic violence can also cause PTSD. And, living through unavoidable traumatic incidents like a fire, extreme weather event, or bad car accident can result in PTSD.

People of all ages, from children to elders, can suffer from PTSD. If you've been through an intense or life-altering experience and notice yourself struggling with mental health symptoms, it might be worth getting checked out for PTSD by a mental health expert.

Symptoms of PTSD

After a traumatic event, emotions of fear, anger, and sadness are normal and healthy. However, for some people, time doesn’t bring recovery. Your symptoms may even start to worsen over time, making it difficult for you to fully move on with your life.

PTSD symptoms can differ widely from individual to individual. Some common symptoms of PTSD that Dr. Winfield and his team often see in patients include:

Any or all of these symptoms can severely disrupt your life. Identifying a root cause of PTSD may be the first step in reclaiming your mental health and full quality of life.

Treating your PTSD

Your provider at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates can accurately diagnose your PTSD. PTSD patients may benefit from treatments and therapies offered by our mental health experts such as:

The good news is, PTSD typically responds well to the right treatment plan. For help diagnosing and addressing your potential PTSD symptoms, get in touch with Dr. Winfield and the team at Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates and schedule your evaluation online. 

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